Friday, June 6, 2014

Ethnic Cleansing

Hillary Clinton has on many occasions supported ethnic cleansing, directly or indirectly.  Primarily, this has been ethnic cleansing carried out by Israel.
Since 1967, Israel has illegally occupied, ethnically cleansed, and stolen territory reserved by the United Nations for Palestinians.  The USA has, for forty years, single-handedly ensured that this would happen and continue, while the rest of the world demands that it stop.  Hillary Clinton strongly supports Israel’s illegal activities.  As 28-year CIA veteran Paul R. Pillar recently stated: "The Israeli government can look past 2016 ... and anticipate that next time they crank up their lawn mower [meaning murder thousands of Gazans - mainly civilians] either a Republican or Hillary Clinton will be in the White House, and they may not have to put up with even the sort of firmer-than-usual criticism they heard this week [from Obama]."  


Hillary Clinton, like Barack Obama, strongly supports the illegal expansion of Israel into Palestine (principally the West Bank and East Jerusalem), which Israel carries out through war crimes, including torture, terrorism, genocide, and ethnic cleansing.  (The process involves massive terrorist attacks by Israel, systematic torture on a massive scale, including of children, use of chemical weapons provided by the USA, and massive jailing of political prisoners – Israel is the biggest jailer in the region (including of political prisoners), while the USA is the biggest jailer in the world.)  Israel has violated more UN resolutions than any other state.
Clinton supports US military aid to Israel, but never mentions that all aid to Israel is illegal under US and international law, as it is illegal to provide military aid to consistent human rights violators.
Israel's illegal bulldozing of Palestinian homes and replacement of them with Israeli homes is up 123% in 2013. 
Contrary to the common propaganda claim in the US, Israel is far more often an aggressor than a victim: it breaks far more ceasefires, far more often, than Palestine, and has attacked more countries, more times, than any other state in the region. 
The USA is isolationist in its forty year campaign of preventing international law from being applied to Israel to make it stop doing this.
Israel is the single biggest recipient of US aid at over 10 million dollars a day, increased by half a billion dollars, then again over a quarter billion dollars, under Obama/Hillary Clinton after Israel's 2009 US-backed Gaza Massacre (which killed up to 7,000 people, almost all civilians, including with US-provided chemical weapons; see "Rain of Fire" by Human Rights Watch) and massive increases in Israel's illegal demolition of Palestinian homes and building of Israeli homes in their place.  (The Gaza Massacre, according to Amnesty International, would not have been possible without US support.)  In fact, the Obama/Clinton regime requested the largest amount of military aid to Israel ever.
Every year the UN votes on settlement of the Palestine issue, and every year the vote is virtually the whole world in favor of Israel ceasing its occupations and sieges of Palestinian territory, and the US and Israel opposed.  
Every major human rights organization agrees with the world on this issue. 
All 22 states in the Arab League agree.
Iran agrees.
Hamas agrees.   
In 2004, the single highest and most authoritative legal body in the world, the International Court of Justice, agreed and issued a ruling that Israel must respect Palestine’s borders (the June, 1967 borders).  All fifteen judges agreed, including the judge from the US.  
The only thing blocking international law from being enforced on Israel is the USA, because of people like Hillary Clinton.  

Hillary Clinton is further to the right on Israel's illegal wall than even George W. Bush and Colin Powell.  The entire world, apart from an extremist fringe on the far, isolated right, considers Israel's wall illegal as long as it cuts through and steals Palestinian territory.  
George W. Bush said of the wall in 2005, "I think the wall is a problem. And I discussed this with Ariel Sharon. It is very difficult to develop confidence between the Palestinians and Israel with a wall snaking through the West Bank."
Colin Powell said of the wall in 2003: "A nation is within its rights to put up a fence if it sees the need for one. However, in the case of the Israeli fence, we are concerned when the fence crosses over onto the land of others."
The Bush regime then threatened to cut funding to Israel, the biggest foreign recipient of US tax money, to pressure Israel to move the wall to the legal border, and not use it to steal Palestinian land.  However, people like Hillary Clinton in congress and the senate made such a stink that the Bush regime decided not to pursue the plan.  
In 2005, Hillary Clinton, at the time a U.S. Senator from New York, said she supports the separation fence Israel is building, which is illegally being built beyond Israel's borders so that it steals Palestinian land.

Clinton recently stated that the "US push for a settlement freeze in 2009 was a mistake".  She explained that, for strategic reasons, the US should have refrained from any rhetoric expressing opposition to Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestine.
This is not only another example of Clinton's illegal, internationally isolationist support for ethnic cleansing in pursuit of imperial gain, but is also more propaganda from Clinton. The beginning and the end of the Obama/Clinton regime's "opposition" to Israel's ethnic cleansing involved some mild statements intended to confuse and pacify the US public.  Simultaneously, the Obama/Clinton regime massively increased US aid to Israel (even after its major 2009 terrorist attack against Gaza). Obama/Clinton requested more military aid for Israel than any other regime ever, and Israel's ethnic cleansing was up 123% by the year Clinton left her position in the Obama regime.
Clinton knows Israel's ethnic cleansing is a war crime opposed by the entire world (though as an isolationist, doesn't care), and that the only reason it continues at all is because of the USA and people like her, because of illegal US support and backing for the Israeli regime, and because of the USA preventing the international community from making Israel cease its ethnic cleansing and land-stealing campaign, as is required by law.
The USA supported Indonesia's genocide and annexation of East Timor for 25 years. Indonesia always said that the land it annexed from East Timor would be Indonesia's forever. Then, after 25 years, the USA, under intense pressure from the world, told Indonesia it would no longer support its genocide and land-stealing.  With its umbilical cord to the USA cut off, Indonesia could no longer sustain its atrocities.  It immediately withdrew and gave the land back.
This is exactly what would happen if the USA actually told Israel it had to stop, and ceased its support for the regime.  Israel would immediately withdraw and cease its crimes, but instead they continue, only because of US sponsorship, which continues because Israel is the USA's illegal nuclear attack base in the heart of the Middle East.

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Hillary Clinton supported the bombing of Yugoslavia that US officials such as General Wesley Clarke predicted would result in increased atrocities and possible ethnic cleansing.  The expected consequences came to pass.  Hillary Clinton was aware that the terrorist bombings would cause mass atrocities and ethnic cleansing, and she strongly supported them.
Details of the terrorist atrocities supported by Hillary Clinton:
Hillary Clinton supported aggressive US invasions of or attacks against  Bosnia (1995 - see below), and Kosovo (1999).  At the end of 2013, nearly half of Bosnia and Herzegovina (49%) considered the USA to be the greatest threat to world peace, with no competitor coming close (Win/Gallup). (4)
Hillary supported the Bill Clinton regime's terrorist attacks against Yugoslavia:
Before the Kosovo war, she phoned Bill Clinton from Africa.  As she recalled later, "I urged him to bomb." (4) 
Amnesty International released a report which stated that NATO forces had deliberately targeted civilian Serbian radio, and had intentionally killed civilians (terrorism). (7)
The bombing caused great damage to local civilians, including death, injury, severe pollution (including nuclear radiation from US weapons made from radioactive nuclear waste) and widespread ecological damage, consequences for the physical health of the people which will remain for years as well as permanent consequences for psychological health caused by almost 3 months of trauma and fear. (8)
Among many locations, NATO bombed the Ministry of Education in Novi Sad, premises which administered social welfare programmes. (8)
Novi Sad residents point out that the irony that Novi Sad was so heavily targeted by NATO also lies in the fact that during the time of the bombing, the city was ruled by the local Democratic Opposition, which was against the regime in Belgrade. Therefore, the citizens of Novi Sad were not able to understand why they had to pay so large price for the events in Kosovo, which were not caused by them. (8)
In 2007, the International Criminal Court found that Serbia had not committed genocide at Srebrenica.  Stopping genocide was a pretext the USA contrived after its terrorist attacks, to try to justify them, while in fact the US terrorist attacks came before, and were the predicted cause of, genocidal acts that were then carried out.
US officials such as General Wesley Clarke predicted that US/NATO bombing would greatly add to, increase, and worsen violence and atrocities in the region, but the bombing was carried out nonetheless, and the prediction proved completely accurate.
In violation of agreement with Russia (the USA is not exactly a stranger to breaking treaties) NATO continues to occupy the territory it conquered through the bombings, which was the goal of the bombing, as stated by officials such as Tony Blair.  
In the entire year before the bombing, US-backed Kosovar jihadists, which included Al Qaeda members, committed the vast majority of the crimes in the region.  Their stated goal was to create a pretext for the US/NATO bombing. 
Books that cover the topic herehere, here, here.  
Example: Bill Clinton helicoptered Al Qaeda members into Bosnia as part of his proxy war against Yugoslavia.  See here
Far worse crimes were simultaneously being carried out by US client/allies including in Turkey, Indonesia, Israel, and Rwanda, with massive US participation and/or support.
Examples: Here.  Here.  HereHere.
For example, the US supplied 80% of the weapons to Turkey so it could massacre Kurds, and the USA increased its flow of arms to Turkey when Turkey’s genocide peaked. 
US-backed Turkey (as well as US-backed countries Israel and Morocco) has violated more UN resolutions than Iraq.  
Hillary Clinton did not call for the bombing of any of these countries even though they were committing far worse crimes, or for the bombing of Washington because of its massive support for, complicity in, and enabling of these crimes. (9)    


While urging the bombing of Yugoslavia that US officials thought would (and did) massively increase atrocities in the area, Hillary Clinton remained silent on, and thus did not use her influence to try to stop and therefore supported, US ally and leading NATO member Turkey’s ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Kurds, which the Clinton regime was strongly supporting with massive weapons shipments.  As Turkish atrocities against the Kurds began to peak, the Clinton regime increased its weapons supplies to Turkey.